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The Value of Working with an

Independent Medicare Agent

Enrolling in Medicare Parts A & B, and then in a Medicare Supplement plan, a Medicare drug card, or a Medicare Advantage plan can be a confusing and complicated process. Then add to that the fact that there are many different insurance companies offering these policies, with different benefits and rates: It truly becomes a Medicare maze to work through.

This is where an independent agent, such as myself, can help.

Each Medicare beneficiary has unique needs and circumstances. Because I partner with many insurance companies, I can offer you a custom-made solution tailored to your unique needs.

However, if you work with captive agents who represent only the insurance company that employs them, they are limited to just the plans that their company offers. Individual companies naturally tend to promote their own products.

When you call an insurance company for service or advice, you are known by your policy number.

I know my clients by name!

Over time, our needs change and adjustments to a Medicare plan or prescription drug card may be necessary.  Also, benefits, networks and prescription drug formularies change each year. To make certain that you are getting the best value from your Medicare dollar over time, an independent agent can evaluate your policies every year. My personal relationships with my clients guarantee that.

An insurance company employee cannot.


As your Independent Medicare agent, I always act on your behalf!

I would love to get together with you at your convenience at your home, a neighborhood coffee shop near you or at my office.

You can reach me at 770.499.2040 or


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