What is Medicare Advantage?


When you become eligible for Medicare, the plan choices available can be overwhelming. One of the newer options available is called a Medicare Advantage plan.

Medicare Advantage is also known as MA or MAPD or Part C plans. This is an alternative to a Medicare Supplement plan, and should be reviewed carefully to determine whether this is the right plan for you.

How does the Medicare Advantage plan differ from a Medicare Supplement, or Medigap, plan?

  • The Medicare Advantage plan is offered through private insurance companies and is approved by Medicare.

  • With Medicare Advantage, the benefit to you is the cost: There are many plans available with a $0 monthly premium. This is in contrast with the cost of a Medicare Supplement plan that can cost upwards of $200 per month, depending on the plan and the insurance carrier you choose.

  • The plan can include a prescription drug program (Part D).

There is no deductible under a Medicare Advantage plan. Most services are offered under a co-pay. The co-pay can differ depending on what services you receive.


Also, in exchange for the lower cost of a Medicare Advantage plan, you will need to select doctors who participate in the insurance company's provider network in order to receive their services at the lower co-pay amount. Some Medicare Advantage plans, known as PPOs, will allow you to see  physicians out of network, as long as they accept Medicare. The co-pays for out-of-network physicians are always higher.

Just as with Medicare Supplement plans, Medicare Advantage plans require that you be enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B.

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