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You’re here because you need “individual health insurance”, but dread the idea of navigating the Government Exchange!

You need a “real person”, who understands your frustration.


We can help!

There is a simpler way.


  • We help you determine whether you qualify for subsidies or tax credits!
  • We understand the plan benefits, like deductibles, and we know the networks of doctors and hospitals.
  • And did you know, the monthly premiums are the same, with or without a broker?

Remember: there is no reason to go without “individual health insurance” and face the tax penalties that may incur.


Work with a real person, who understands your frustration!

For an agent who gives you the personal help you deserve, click on the “schedule NOW box” at the right!

Enrollment outside of open enrollment is also available to you if you have experienced a “qualifying event”, such as:

  • Loss of employee provided/group coverage.
  • Moving to a new service area (out of state).
  • Marriage, divorce or childbirth, and others.

And don’t forget to ask your agent about “dental insurance“, as you may qualify for subsidies within the ACA guidelines.

We look forward to getting together with you!


Chris Bohus

Chris Bohus