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Question: Is your home properly insured?

If you have had your current home owner’s insurance policy for awhile, you may need to look at upgrading your policy, to make sure your home is still protected from a total loss.

You may not be aware of many of the additional coverages available to you.

Did you know there is coverage for mortgage closing costs?

And did you know there is additional coverage for “sewage backup“? This type of water damage is not covered under most policies.

We are here to help, by providing you with quotes from the top carriers in Georgia, simplifying the search for you!

As a renter, you know there are stories in the news all too frequently about apartment fires. And, sadly, the tennants seldom have renter’s insurance. If something were to happen, the insurance policies held by the landlord or apartment complex do not cover your belongings!

You can purchase renter’s insurance from as little as $10 per month! So call us today and make sure you and “your stuff” will be protected, in the event of a loss from an apartment fire!

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