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Aren’t you tired of all of the commercials with 800 numbers, shouting “Call us to save 15% or $314”?

How about calling us, your LOCAL indpendent agent?

We actually answer the phone and give you personalized service and provide you with quotes from eight top carriers in Georgia.

Our personal service beats “Flo’s name your price tool” every time!

Chris Bohus

Chris Bohus

And we can show you ways to save more when you

“bundle” (or place your auto and homeowner’s policies with the same carrier) your auto/homeowner’s insurance.

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  • Note: By submitting this form you understand that no coverage is bound until you receive written notice. You also agree to release us from any liability if this information is accidentally viewed by unauthorized persons. We will only use this information for insurance quoting purposes and not distribute to other parties. Reports will be ordered to properly classify and rate your policy. These reports include information about claims, credit history, and driving history, and may include information about current and former members of your household. These reports provide information that may assist in determining your eligibility for insurance and the price you may be charged. We may also obtain and use a credit-based insurance score based on information contained in your credit report. We may use a third party in connection with the development of the insurance score.State privacy laws require that you are notified that personal information may be collected from sources other than yourself. This will include a loss history report showing your personal insurance claims history.